Dilbert ------------------------------ Enter the Dilbert World

Frank and Ernest --------------- By Bob Thaves

CNN  --------------------------------- News

BBC  --------------------------------- News

Aurora Weather ------------------ Weather Underground

Rapids Weather ------------------ Weather Underground

Key West Weather -------------- Weather Underground

Check my mail-------------------- Hotmail.com

Gmail ------------------------------- Gmail by Google tom.zed4@gmail.com

Google Docs  ---------------------- File Storage

Photo.net--------------------------- Photography website

Chicago Tribune ------------------ News

Geocaching ------------------------ The sport where you are the search engine

Imaging Resource -------------- Digital Photography News Letter and Information

Digital Photography Review-- The seat of all digital camera knowledge

Auroara Forecast ---------------- Where you can see the Aurora        
Elements Sets -------------------- ELSET "satabase.tle" 8000 satellites.
Egroups.com ---------------------- Internet based news groups
Brinkster--------------------------- The host for greenacre.net

Netflix ------------------------------ Movie rental